Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Playoff Predictions Round 2: The Amazing Kreskin?

Well, all of us here at American Hockey Fan have been a bit aflutter over the past day, thanks to the news that for the next round of playoff predictions, I have been in telephone contact with the manager of the world's preeminent mentalist The Amazing Kreskin.

You heard me.

While I am told that Kreskin will not predict who will be the winners and losers of each of the playoff series, I am hoping that he will have some insight into how I might be able to do so myself. I am also told that Kreskin is a fan of the game of hockey, and has a longstanding relationship with Gordie Howe.

I got into contact with Kreskin's people through his website, and had an interview scheduled for 9:00 AM this morning, which was cancelled by his representative via cell phone call around 11:00 PM last night.

Kreskin is on a Canadian tour right now, was performing in Lakefield, Ontario April 22nd, and will be appearing at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto on April 27th.

The word is, Kreskin is excited to do the interview with me, but is travelling, and wants to make sure he can be at the height of his mental powers.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

We have rescheduled the interview for 1:00 PM today, if he feels up to it.

Stay Tuned.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you want to use the Amazing Kreskin? You went 7 for 8 for correct picks using Nostradamus' coin flip method.

Anonymous said...

i am still tuned...

Anonymous said...

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