Monday, April 16, 2007

Given the non stop rain here in New York-

It's nice to see the New York Islanders dressed for it.

Of course, it's been a while since they've used that logo.

I'll be at the game tonight with Buffalo fans and fellow AHFers Jack and Jen, and with the Bruins on waterlogged golf courses across America, I'm going to take a couple of stiff drinks and root for the Sabres. It pains me to do it, mainly because it's the first round of the playoffs, and if the Bruins had managed to put together a stretch run, they'd be the ones in the 8 spot being horribly outclassed by the Sabres.

This isn't the first time I've had these odd feelings for Buffalo either. Here's something I wrote during last year's playoffs.

Ah, well- the Sabres are fun to watch, and you can't beat playoff hockey.

For the record though, I still hate Mike Foligno, his stupid bike helmet and that ridiculous high knee jump he used to do when he scored.

Jesus, that guy was a jerk.


Ben said...

This post is missing some crucial information. How's anybody supposed to buy you guys a beer?

Jack said...

Based on the face painters that sat behind us, Islanders fans don't buy beer. They sneak cans of Sparks into the game. Holy God, there was some trash there last night.

Ben said...

And a lot of it got thrown on the ice at the end of the third.

The guys calling the game kept complaining about it, but they refused to show any of the bottles or whatnot that made it onto the ice. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Go Pens!