Monday, April 30, 2007

OK, so I lied

Yeah, I know I said I was going to write up the Devils/Senators game from Saturday night--and it was a classic--but then I got wrapped up in the Sabres/Rangers game on Sunday, which was also pretty good, not to mention even longer. And at the risk of bringing down the hatred and scorn of co-AHF'ers/Buffalo fans Jack and Jen, if that was a "distinct kicking motion," I'm Gordie Howe. Maybe it doesn't make up for Brett Hull, but you guys got a freebie there for sure.

The Devils, too, dodged a bullet on Saturday, despite taking an extra 20+ minutes to dodge it completely. They could have put the game away with ease if they had maintained the pressure they applied in the first period. Instead they put 8 shots on net in the final two periods of regulation. Generally not a recipe for success against a team that has the kind of firepower that Ottawa does, but once again, they found a way to win.

They also found a way to quietly dominate offensively throughout the playoffs. The Devils are leading the playoffs in almost every stat...6 of the top 15 point-getters are Devils (with Gomez at #1), Gionta and Parise are tied for the lead in goals, and Gomez leads in assists (with Elias, Rafalski, and Langenbrunnner also in the top ten). And just look at Brodeur's numbers. He's tied for second in wins, and just a hair behind Miller for minutes played. Oh, and look, he's also first in...goals against?

Wait, what?

Anyway, playoff action continues tonight, but until then, please enjoy this Fark photoshop contest from Round 1 (some entries NSFW).


Jack said...

Pleased to meet you, Mr. Hockey. Rachunek might not have swung his foot back like he was kicking a field goal, but that was definitely a kick. Look how far out in front of him he stuck his skate. Plus, in the Ottawa series they called off a similar goal by Crosby, when his leg was underneath him.

Eh, it could have gone either way, but I'm glad they called it off, if only to hear Rangers fans whine about the nefarious NHL conspiracy to help the Sabres win the Stanley Cup.

Ben said...

To be honest, I wasn't sure about that Crosby goal, either...I remember the call.

I think with Rachunek, it looked more like a kick when you slowed the tape down. In real time, it just looked like his foot was going out from under him. Also, he seemed to still be swatting at the puck with his stick, which indicates to me that he was trying to play it with his stick, not his foot.

But the question, as they say, is moot. I don't see the Rangers winning way Jagr puts together two efforts like that in one year.