Thursday, April 26, 2007

Play hockey, cure cancer.

If you're in New York City this Saturday, enjoy a good game of street hockey, and hate the big C, I have a great opportunity for ya:

Some of the folks involved in the great NYC institution the Blacktop Street Hockey League have hipped me to a charity street hockey tournament taking place this Saturday.

Here's the skinny:

Who: Anyone over 18 who can play a clean, NON-CONTACT game of street hockey for a great cause.

What: Street hockey tournament with a 3 game guarantee and possible playoff games.

When: Saturday April 28th, registration (signing a waiver and paying the entry fee) begins at 8:30am, the games will start at 9:30am sharp (yes, they did start at 9:40am last year). Expected ending time will be 4pm.

Where: Tanahey Park/Moffo rink in downtown Manhattan near Cherry and Catherine.

How: There will be 8 teams. All players will be randomly assigned to the 8 teams to ensure that there is an equal distribution of males, females and talent across the teams. There will be two simultaneous games running, one in the hockey rink and one on the basketball courts adjacent to the rink. There will be 2 divisions with 4 teams each and there will be three 40 minute games round-robin style per team. This will be followed by a playoff game between the top teams from each division. If time permits, there will be a semi-final playoff round preceding the finals.

There is a $25 entry fee and that goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

There's plenty more information at the webpage for the tournament, so- um, go there.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves playing hockey and will be in New York City this weekend.

I'm looking at you, Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils and Ottawa Senators.

The Devils and Sens need to be back at the Meadowlands by 6:00 for an 8:00 PM start.
No conflict there.

The Rangers and Sabres finish up game 2 around 11:00 PM Friday in Buffalo, but if it goes anything like game one, the Sabres won't be tired at all, and Jagr will have stopped skating by the second period, so he'll be fresh as a daisy for the morning. The only person who might have a conflict might be Sean Avery, who might still be busy with the long, slow, adoring sponge-bath that he receives daily from members of the media.

I'll be at game one of the Devils-Senators tonight.

As perplexing as it seems (as of 2:20 PM) tickets are still available.

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