Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tickets still available-

-to what might be the biggest game on the NHL schedule before the playoffs start.

The Washington Capitals play the Carolina Hurricanes in D.C. on April 1st, and the Caps trail the Southeast division leading 'Canes by just two points.

There has been a lot of talk about Alexander Ovechkin being named MVP of the league this year, and this may be the game that decides it.

Oh, by the way- the Versus network will be showing Nashville vs. St. Louis.

Nice work, fellas.

I just checked Ticketmaster, and found two ninety dollar seats on the blue line, club level. Or, on the Caps ticket exchange site, I found an ice level pair behind the penalty bench for a buck 20 each, or up in the nosebleeds for 55 each. If I lived in DC, I'd be all over that shit. The Caps are encouraging their fans to wear red for the game, an odd choice, since, well- those are the 'canes colors too, but I'll allow it. It's gonna be a battle.

Both teams have three games left, and perhaps the most even schedule of any two clubs racing for a playoff spot. They play each other once, then both teams host the also rans Tampa Bay and Florida one time each before wrapping up the season. This is appropriate, because whichever team that comes up short can ask whichever Florida team just beat them for a lift to the sunshine state where they can spend April on the beach.

The writing is on the wall for these teams. They have to play somebody really good at hockey (each other), and then a couple of teams who'll be really good at, well- tanning.

Still, the 'Canes just dropped a game to Tampa Bay recently, and if Washington runs the table, that looks to be the game they will look back on.

Thanks to the Old Bruins Fan, I found this cool chart on TSN that tracks the final playoff spots. And certainly there will be a few spirited contests in the bottom of the East, and it'll be fun to watch Vancouver scrambling to get in, but from where I'm sitting, that April 1st game in Washington is the game to watch.

No foolin'.


Anonymous said...

that april 1st game was a great game for Caps fans.

WD to Evers to Chance said...

Long live Alexander the Great. It's gonna to be a much more entertaining first round with the Caps in than if the 'Canes had made it in.