Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why hockey was better in the 80's.

More mustaches
, less soul patches.

Everybody remembers the mullets, but I'll tell ya, those soul patches are getting a free ride.

Oh, and what made me think about this was the superb New York Times hockey blog "Slap Shot," who shined a little light on Dennis Maruk, the man whose single season Washington Capitals goal scoring record will likely be broken this season by Alex Ovechkin. His goalscoring record may fall, but his mustache will shine proudly forever.

Oh and yes, I am aware that "Slap Shot" is a terrible name for a hockey blog, especially one that doesn't use foul language. But don't hold that against it. They are actually doing a great job over there.

Just for fun, here are some other terrible Hockey blog names:
(apologies if these are real)

Ice Breakers
Five for Blogging
Haikus about Patrick Roy's Cock and Balls
Open Mike (Keenan)
The Blog Street Bullies
Jacques Demers' Daily Read
Mike Ricci: ALL NUDE
WWNMD? (What Would Nevin Markwart Do?)

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Anonymous said...

Slapshot is a terrible name for a blog unless you are in quad city and got to see Eric Nystrom do this...