Sunday, March 16, 2008


Great win for the Bruins.

Sadly for me, I had DVR'd the game today, because I had to work during the afternoon, so I was looking forward to watching the game when I got home.

After I finished with work, I saw that I had two voicemail messages.

The first was from my buddy Sully, who is more of a baseball fan than a hockey fan. The second was from a number I didn't recognize.

I called Sully before listening to the message.

"Hey Dude- it's Ritchie. Before you say anything, I'm DVRing the game, so don't say a word if it's about the Bruins."

"Oh. Yeah, no prob. I left a message with my kids saying hi to you." Sully has a pair of twin boys who are just hitting speaking age, and I appreciated the call.

I figured the first call was Sully's kids and the second call was probably something work related or a freelance gig.

I listen to my messages.

The first messages are Sully's kids, being just about as cute as you would expect a couple of kids saying "Hi Ritchie" would be. If you don't think that's cute, you probably aren't named Ritchie.

It was cute as hell.

The second message I was mildly worried about, as since I've started this blog, lots of people I know occasionally call me when they are flipping through the channels and see my favorite hockey team winning or losing.

I figured I'd listen to the first bit of the message, and if it was hockey related, I'd hang up.

I listen to the second message and it's my pal Duben.

The first three words are:

Dude- B's won.

After those words, I begin to hear "in over-" and I hang up.

The damage had been done.

Jesus F'n Christ.

Still, the B's won, and in overtime, which has got to be agony for Washington, where we are going tomorrow.

We leave at 9:00 AM and shoudl arrive in DC around 1:30

Game starts at 3:00.

Stay tuned.

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