Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love the NHL network.

OK- so I'm watching a rerun of a Boston/Montreal playoff game from 1988, and as the camera pans across an image of Bruin goaltender Reggie Lemelin swiping the snow out of his crease, I hear the classic Bruins broadcast team of announcer Fred Cusick and color man Derek Sanderson having the following back and forth:

DEREK: They talk about the loneliness of the long distance runner. The loneliness of a goaltender when he's back there alone...

FRED: (chuckles) Would you repeat that?


FRED: "The loneliness of the goaltender when he's back there alone?"

DEREK: Yeah, it just... kind of hit me. Touched my heart there for a minute. There's Reggie-

FRED: Well, what you need to say is, when he's back there- in the nets.

DEREK: uh...

FRED: Don't repeat the loneliness.

DEREK: Well, OK. I stand corrected. You're lucky I don't take umbrage with that remark.

FRED: Yeah. Oooo.

DEREK: I had to get that word in, somewhere during the night.


FRED: Casper, Skrudland (PUCK DROPS) And the draw is back for Thelvin, he can clear it quickly, and he did...

Best. Announcers. Ever.

(With apologies to Andy Brickley, who is becoming a hell of a color man himself these days.)

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