Saturday, April 05, 2008

3 Cheers for Alex Auld

Last night, the Boston Bruins celebrated clinching a playoff spot for the first time since the lockout, and wrap up the season tonight against the Buffalo Sabres, who will be celebrating, well, Yo-mamma-ween.

Many people counted the Bruins out this season, (although I wasn't among them) but while tremendous credit will be given where it's due (The superb Bruin coaching staff, the emergence of rookie talent, the ability to battle through injuries, Tim Thomas stepping up to the plate, career year in goals for Chara etc) I'd like to give a tip of the hat to a man who will likely be making his last start of the year tonight, backup goaltender Alex Auld.

After Thomas went down with a midseason injury in a game against New Jersey, the Bruins learned that prospect Tukka Rask was not yet read for prime time. So they picked up Alex Auld, and while he has had soe bad luck in shootouts, has played about as well as anyone could have expected.

In a season where you don't clinch a playoff spot until the second to last day of the season, the 23 points he got for this team (9 wins, 5 OT losses, 2 shutouts) loom LARGE.

So hats off to all of the Bruins today, and particularly to Alex Auld.

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