Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bad Day For The Caps-

- Well, what with our big trip to Washington coming up tomorrow, I couldn't help noticing that with the Capitals big win over the Thrashers last night, and Carolina getting whipped by Buffalo, that puts the Caps 3 points behind 8th place Philly, and four behind 7th place Boston.

The only problem?

Boston plays Philly this afternoon, and one of those teams is gonna get two points. Plus, with Buffalo beating the Canes, that puts them a point behind Philly for 9th.

These are the games when you hate the extra overtime point system. In the old days, Caps fans would just decide to not watch that game. These days, they have to actively root against a tie. Or barring a tie, a time machine, so they could go back to last October and lobby to promote former Hyannisport President Bruce Boudreau a couple months early.

However, if Boston, still playing without Captain Zdeno Chara, decide to boot it in regulation this afternoon, then again in DC on Sunday, which is a distinct possibility given their soccer-like offensive output versus Tampa Bay the other night, this race has the potential to get really interesting. Especially when you consider that Tampa has now won two straight, has scored 14 goals in it's last three games, and plays the 6th place New York Rangers tonight.

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