Sunday, March 16, 2008

First Intermission recap:

So far the Caps and the Bruins have been pretty evenly matched, with the five on three being the difference.

Seeing the way the Bruins won the two team's last matchup, (two late goals both scored on five on threes) it's not hard to think the hockey gods are offering a little payback.

I'm looking around the press area, and I was just handed an updated score sheet, filled with stats. The stat sheet is pretty cool, and has all kinds of breakdowns.

Apparently while playing 5 on 5 hockey, the Caps have taken 5 shots for 0 goals, while playing 5 on 4, they have taken 1 shot for no goals, and while playing 5 on three, they have taken 1 shot for 1 goal.

I'm no hockey coach, but if I'm Bruce Boudreau, I'm telling my guys to keep up that 5 on 3 play.

Stick to what works, I always say.

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