Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm missing a hell of a game here.

One one tie, big hits, great goaltending, and I'm staring at a computer.

Great penalty kill here by the B's.

Wideman on the Bruins just barely held a puck in at the Capitol blue line in the last seconds of the second period. It looked to me like he kept it in, but the linesman blew it dead on an offside. I remarked, "Boy, I don't know about that- he was closer to that than I was, but it looked to me like he kept it in. I'd really like another look at that."

Then, my wife Rachel, who is here doing the on camera interviews for our man on the street video (already shot, needs to be edited) dryly remarked "replay booth is right there, why don't you stop by?"

I decided not to.

I mean what am I supposed to do, knock on the door and say "Hi- Ritch Duncan from American Hockey Fan. So, was that a bullshit offsides or what? Thanks for clearing that up. "

I was just handed another media report, this time for the second period.

Now the Capitals are 0-12 when shooting 5 on 5, 0-4 when skating 5 on 4, 0-3 when skating 4 versus 5, and still 1-1 when skating 5 on 3.

I mean, if you're not gonna take my advice, I don't know what to do for ya.

3rd period starts in 6:00 minutes.

More to come.

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