Sunday, March 16, 2008

I saw the Geico Caveman in the Men's Bathroom.

I'm serious.

I'm standing there in between the second and third period, waiting to take a leak.

The caveman walks in.

I don't say anything, because really, what do you say? This poor guy has been waving at people non-stop for the last two periods, answering hockey trivia and riding around on the zamboni.

I figured I could let the dude piss in peace, without saying something like "Hey- no painting on the walls, OK?"

But honestly, it was kind of like a Geico commercial. just the two of us, wating for an available urinial when the caveman pipes up.

"Hey- do you do standup?"

I do do stand up so I look back at the caveman and say- "um- yeah."

He says "Yeah, I've performed with you before- it's Eric Andres under all this makeup."

Eric is a very funny guy, by the way.

Check out his standup here.

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