Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Hockey Fan To Liveblog in Washington D.C.

Yep- you heard me.

This Sunday, March 16th, Ben and I will be traveling down to Washington DC to liveblog the matinee contest between the Bruins and the Washington Capitals.

Through a series of events so strange and so bizarre that I cannot even begin to elaborate on now, we have been invited by Caps owner Ted Leonsis to set up in, and blog from, the press box.


We have a couple of other tricks up our sleeve, so check back in regularly on Sunday, as we hope to be putting up fresh off the concourse video (pending official OK to do so), crack commentary of the game and the race for 8th in the East, and an exclusive interview with Ovechkin.

Of course, I'm referring to Stanislav Ovechkin, the Recruiting Specialist at the METRO Cash and Carry Ukraine, but let's face it, despite our fancy credentials, we're not that big time yet, and an Ovechkin is an Ovechkin.

Oh, and later this week, stay tuned for the story of how we got invited to Washington.

It's a seriously remarkable story.

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