Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Battle Roy-al

OK- So you guys have heard about the big fight with Patrick Roy's son right?

It looks like he really got his nose out of joint.


I mean, you never know, this kind of thing is big news in Canada, but here in the states, we're all about college basketball and the Red Sox in Japan. Seriously, the only way the American press is going to cover something Patrick Roy's son does is if the governor of New York crosses state lines to have sex with him.

And you never know. Here in the tri-state region, our governors are horny as hell.

But, anyway, for those of you who didn't know, here's a capsule review from Small White Ball:

In a QMJHL playoff game between bitter rivals Quebec and Chicoutimi, Quebec was losing 7-1 when things got a bit chippy as they tend to do when you're getting your collective asses handed to you. During some 5-on-5 brawl time, Quebec head coach and all-time NHL great Patrick Roy ordered his goalie to skate down and fight the other goalie. After several attempts, he broke free and it was on. After pummeling Chicoutimi's netminder, the Remparts' goalie then battled a defenseman on his way off his ice.

He's got the Youtube videos on his site too, but it's all in French, and I didn't really feel like embedding it.

Both Roy's were suspended for the incident, and the younger Roy showed yet another flash of his father when he said "I cannot hear anything they say, because I have two middle fingers plugging my ears."


Joe said...

Not surprised in even the slightest way that Roy's son is a total asshole. I'm not going to say I think the game doesn't need pricks, but Jesus, I don't need pricks that are the offspring of guys I already hated.

Anonymous said...

have you ever considered suicide?