Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy 60th, Bobby Orr!

Apparently, the Bruins are running some kind of video tribute tonight to Bobby Orr in honor of his 60th birthday today.

Happiest of happy birthdays to the best who ever played.

Here's a great clip I found on Youtube of a Bobby Orr compilation taken from WSBK TV38, where I used to watch the Bruins all the time as a kid.

(Warning- this clip might not be safe for work, if you work someplace where your employer frowns on you yelling "You gotta be fucking kidding me!" and "Holy Shit!" That's what I did while watching this.)

I'll tell ya, if the Bruins can't pull some inspiration from this, I don't what'll get 'em going.

Maybe Dana Hersey and the Movie Loft?

(I'm a particular fan of the way Dana says the word "Pappy."

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March to the Sea said...

man the movieloft was SSOOOO good. I miss that..

re: you message on the Slap shot guys on my site I don't know..they said they keep the names "tight" until it draws closer. I'll try to sneak you what i hear..and any pictures I am able to do/get I'll let you know!