Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Whale!

This turned up in the comments section today, a sweet find from my pal Eric Cole (no relation):

Enjoy Whaler Fans- it's The Brass Bonanza!

Also, congrats to John Buccigross for another good season of hockey columns- being the intelligent passionate hockey fan over at ESPN is to endure more blank stares than I can possibly imagine.

And check out the plug he gave me!

"In some strange way, the lockout and all its wretchedness didn't end for me until NBC went off the air after Game 7 faster than Brad Pitt rebounds from a broken relationship. It was just the latest slap to the American hockey fan. But we are used to that. We know the greatest byproduct of the Internet for us is that there are pockets of hockey love all over the world. Find them, bookmark them, watch the games and talk to your friends. Anything else is a bonus."

Oh Yeah.

I'm pretty sure he was talking about me.

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