Thursday, June 22, 2006

I've been getting a lot of suggestions-

- about what to blog about in the offseason.

You know, the draft, free agency, stuff like that.

I'm not sure I'm into it.

I mean, the draft?

I can't get that excited about commenting on people who MIGHT be playing hockey later. Also, it pisses me off a little that AOL is "blogging" the draft.

if you're AOL, you aren't a blogger.

You're AOL.

Still, I suppose there's some fun to be had when we see Brind'Amour in a suit at the awards dinner. It'll look like the "Puttin' on the Ritz" scene from Young Frankenstein. That son of a bitch is so ugly, if you put a lobster bib on him it makes the bib look better.

I got nothin' today.


Ben said...

Some posts just write themselves:

Mighty no more: Ducks change name, uniforms, logo

Anonymous said...

So screw the ESPN like blogging or commentary,

lets use the summer to write about hockey and its current NHL participants in a way that is at least entertaining.

Personally, I'd rather see brindamor kiss the cup than Al gore kiss anything. He was on letterman last night and it looks like he's been kissing a cheese cake or two.

democrats are fat

Brushback said...

democrats are fat

Phat, yo.