Friday, June 02, 2006

The Finals...finally.

Well, I finally got my great game seven.

In what has been the best playoff series of 2006, (with apologies to Edmonton/San Jose)Carolina and Buffalo smashed into each other last night in a game that was less "New NHL" and more "26 car pileup." There were hard hits, ugly goals, great saves, and a pace so feverish that it made me dizzy just watching it.

Actually, that might have been the vodka.

I digress.

Still, it's telling that in a game as ugly as that one, the game winner would come from Rod Brind'Amour, easily the toughest, hardest working, and best player in the NHL who also happens to resemble Sloth from the Goonies. I realize that "Best player in the NHL who also happens to resemble Sloth from the Goonies" might SEEM like a limited category, but consider this. Regardless, I'd still take that ugly bastard on my team in a heartbeat. Brind'Amour (translated from the French: "only a mother could love") barreled into the slot, found a loose puck and buried the hopes of an extraordinary Buffalo team with a vengeance he usually reserves for well, mirrors.

Seriously, that dude looks like his head is made of wax and he got left too near the fireplace.

But with that goal, the Hurricanes move back into the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 2002, and it's not the Red Wings this time; it's the team that beat the Wings in the first round. And not to dwell on it, but it's going to be great to see either team skating around with the Stanley Cup, as it's been a long, long time coming.

Let's watch some hockey.

3 comments: said...

yea man, brindamour is ugly and I hate him because he was a Flyer. I hate the Flyers. I still love seeing that moron Bobby Clarke every year in his box upstairs when the Flyer invariably get knocked out.
Oh yea Carolina-Edmonton is gonna be great. Prediction: Edmonton in 6.

colelab said...

It just occurred to me why Buffalo may have not made the playoffs, not because of talent or injuries but dare I say destiny. I just saw an ad for the Stanley Cup with both Edmonton and Carolina's logos, and it hit me what this is all about. Not just any mere hockey game but a clash of current events. That's right, this just not a game but a looking glass into the future of our country.

We are entering the hurricane season full of unpredictable chaos and expense. While we also have been getting hammered at the pump with the price of oil steadily climbing. And then sometimes the two work together make one big story, aka Katrina.

Which story will win? Which logo will be used on the Daily Show? We can only wait and see.

Ok I am off to get some plywood, screws and solar panels to watch this Series proper.

Kyria said...

Hello there, Ritch. Er. Um. HOCKEY!