Friday, June 09, 2006

How about this douchebag?

Man- what is it about hockey that makes hack journalists like to shit on it so much?

Here's a pretty fun story that I found by googling news results of "NHL on NBC", and it's really worth checking out. Here we have the "sports television" columnist for USA Today speculating, SPECULATING mind you, that this Saturday's Stanley Cup Final game MIGHT be the lowest broadcast network prime-time rating ever.


Not will be, not is, but might be.

Thanks a lot, asshole.

He figures it's a Saturday night, when nobody watches TV, it's two small markets, and Tampa Bay and Calgary got a crummy rating the last time they were in the Finals on a Saturday, so he's making the case, and kicking hockey when it's down. What I say is if nobody watches TV on Saturdays anyway, well then what's the point?

If hockey is the worst rated on a night when there are actual people staying home and watching, well that's valid. But if you're saying that Hockey doesn't do well on a day when the only people staying home to watch TV are invalids, agoraphobics, and sports television columnists, well now you're just piling on.

By the way, Skippy from Family Ties called. He wants his hair back.

That's gotta be a pretty coveted gig you got there-The "Sports Television" beat at USA Today. Wow- you get to be the guy who writes about sporting events he doesn't get to attend- for a newspaper that doesn't work weekends. Kudos, Mr. Murrow.

You know you work for a quality newspaper when it's included with the continential breakfast at a Red Roof Inn.

So bring it on, guys.

Hockey will be there, and at least I'll be watching.


I mean, c'mon, it's only game three, and it's a Saturday.

I might go out.

But fuck- at the very least, Ric "Nature Boy" Flair will be watching.

And that's gotta count for something.


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