Thursday, June 15, 2006

The thing about predictions

is that no matter what you say (and by "you" I mean "I"), "you" always end up looking like a jackass.

Great game last night, though...speed, scoring, defense, hitting, overtime, a shortie, a few goalposts, a few big saves, missed calls, dives, and that rarest of beasts, an Edmonton power play goal. You can bet that hockey fans worldwide put down their crossword puzzles and took notice.

Throughout the whole playoffs, and through most of the first period last night, Carolina looked like a team that just would not be denied. No matter what Montreal, New Jersey, or Buffalo threw at them, it wouldn't just seemed like it was Carolina's year.

And let's face it, it probably still is.

But last night, the Oilers came out like a team possessed. They scored 16 seconds in, then took a bunch of weak penalties, and it looked like a done deal (or, if you will, a lead pipe cinch) for Carolina. Then Michael Peca (to the disgust, I'm sure, of Islanders fans everywhere) came up huge with a clutch goal to end the first. Markkanen held the fort til OT, Cory Stillman took a brief on-ice nap, and Pisani capitalized, putting it where Grandma keeps the peanut it's back up north we go.

My prediction: Carolina (or possibly Edmonton) in 6-7.

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