Monday, June 12, 2006

Sending in the backup

This has got to be a tense moment for American Hockey Fan's legions of regular readers. Stalwart blogger Ritch Duncan goes down after a collision in the crease. He's slow to get up. The AHF trainer makes his way carefully onto the ice, towel at the ready...but it's no use. Duncan is down, maybe for good (until Thursday-ish).

Time to call in the backup.

The kid hasn't seen blogging action in over 3 months. But will his performance bring to mind a Conklin-esque giveaway resulting in the game-winning goal against? Or a Markkanen-style shutdown, yielding only a single goal against an insanely hungry and high-powered offense? (NOTE: For the sake of the comparison, let's pretend Markkanen didn't get shelled for five in Game Two. Nobody's perfect.)

Anyway, only time will tell...stay tuned.

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