Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Speaking of Al Gore-

What's creepier?

That kiss that Brind'Amour gave the cup?

or when Al Gore made out with Tipper at the democratic convention?


I mean, congrats to the Canes, props to Glen Wesley (Who I wrote about here), and I'll post more when I'm sober, but Christ- that ugly son of a bitch locked his lips on that Cup like he mistook it for a fucking fishhook.

I know, I know, he earned it, but Jesus, Rod-

Get a room.


I mean... am I right about this?


Anonymous said...

On ESPN Radio this morning...

"...Brind'Amour was practically making out with the Cup..."

...yes, you are completely right about it. And it is creepier because everyone else on the team will be kissing it, too.

roddie said...

And they called it cuppy love...


Charles Star said...

You think that's bad? As soon as they turned the lights off, Commodore fucked the shit out of that cup. Big grizzly lookin' dude just went to town.

Nobody is even going to want to win it next year.

Anonymous said...

your selfish low life losers and brind amour had the right to kiss that cup how ever long he wanted and ypu cant do crap about it. so shut your little girl mouths and awe in his coolness.

Anonymous said...

you low life losers can watch brind amour kiss that cup for ever and ever cuz he is the captain and you arent. your jealous idiots who cant play hockey because i dont see u kissin the cup. so how bout u shut your mouth suckers!