Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big three games coming up for the Bruins.

The Bruins have started out strong, there's no doubt.

I've been a bit of a weak poster these days, partly because I just got a full time job writing over on the PRI show "Fair Game," which airs in New York Monday through Friday at 8:00 PM on WNYC, making me available in more New York City homes than Versus. Or Versus in HD at least. Check their website to hear the podcast or find out where you can catch the show in your neck of the woods.

If you listen to tonight's show, you'll get to hear me slip a hockey reference into a piece I did at the opening of the show about last night's democratic debates.

So while I haven't been writing about hockey, I will certainly be watching. These next three games for the Boston Bruins are their biggest of the season. After coming off an incredible game against Chicago, where Chara had his first fight as a Bruin (and it was a doozy), they ran into some bad luck, losing their best all around player in Patrice Bergeron for over a month. That's been the one B's game all year I managed to miss, and I'm glad, because it would have ruined my day.

They play Buffalo tomorrow, who are a good team, then go into a home-and-home series with Ottawa this weekend. Having Bergeron gone will really test the ability of certain members of this team to step it up and see if they have what it takes. Glen Murray, Brandon Bochenski, I'm looking at you. To have to do it against Buffalo and the Eastern conference leading Senators will be a lot of fun.

I'd say if they can come away with four points, they should feel great about themselves.

The big question is goaltending in the Ottawa games.

Can they trust Fernandez in one of those games?

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