Wednesday, October 24, 2007

OK- I know the New York Post are mostly Rangers fans-

But are they actually suggesting that if you go to a Devils game in the new arena, you run the risk of being murdered?

From the article:

"[I believe] this will be a safe arena," Vanderbeek said. "I think over time [concerns] will go away. I can't change it overnight. People will have to come here and see for themselves."

...Vanderbeek suggested that much of the fans' security will be provided by themselves, walking in numbers from Penn Station, from the light rail, and from nearby lots. He said there will be a significant police presence in the area.

The Devils and Newark simply cannot afford even a single arena-patron tragedy in a city that annually suffers 100 homicides...

When fans are inside, they'll be enthralled. It will make the Garden pedestrian, as long as the pedestrians are secure.


I'm not sure about this, but my guess is that the enhanced police presence is going to fill the neutral area just around the arena's entrance, handily trapping any of the murderers who attempt to enter the arenas defensive zone.

Just a hunch.

Still, if it was up to me, I'd have Cam Janssen walk the fans to their cars.


Ben said...

According to the NYPD, New York has recently averaged better than 500 homicides per year.

In a bold move, the Rangers organization is so concerned for their fans' safety, they've agreed to stop scoring goals in an effort to convince fans to stay home.

New York Rangers hockey - it's just not worth the risk.

Jonathan said...

I live in Newark and people just don't die for walking down the street. There aren't serial killers runny around the streets like it's Halloween. If you're a gang banger/drug dealer, you take drugs, or just hang out with either of the two in Newark, then you'll be one of those 100 per who die in Newark.

I just think it's ridiculous what some of these writers say. I get the jokes and it's funny and all, and I understand safety is all important and stuff, but a ganger banger is more interested in shooting a crack head that could possibly snitch on him than a Caucasian family from Montclair, NJ who wants to see the Devils get their ass kicked by the Rangers.