Monday, October 01, 2007


OK- so the NHL season is, um- under way?

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but boy, I'm none too impressed with the NHL's season "Premiere." Above and beyond the fact that the debut game was on HD Net, which pretty much means the only people watching were close personal friends of Dan Rather, it's also kind of tough to really feel like the season has kicked off, when the rest of the games don't start for three or four days.

I did catch Sunday's game on Versus, and the game was "eh." There was about 10 minutes of great hockey during the second period, and I felt that as much as the British fans, (and me as well) love a good fight, did Scott Thornton really think it was a good idea to drop his gloves and start swinging when his teammate had possession in the offensive zone?

Also, I was upset that we didn't see more footage between periods of what hockey is really like in Britain. Hockey fans in Britain are a small passionate group who love their game despite the fact that football is FAR more popular. You know, kind of hockey fans in America, who are a small passionate group who love their game despite the fact that football is FAR more popular.


According to Yahoo sports, there were a lot Manchester Phoenix and Belfast Giants shirts in the crowd -- two of the 10 teams in Britain's Elite Ice Hockey League. Why didn't we get to see a little footage of these guys in action?

Seeing British hockey players would be entertaining for, at the very least, the dentistry. If there were ever a group of people with worse teeth than Englishmen, it's hockey players, and the confluence of craggy horrors that would be on display in those player's mouths would be worth the price of admission, even if the hockey is terrible.


vh2k6 said...

As a Kings fan I can safely say that the whole thing was rather disappointing. There were two stretches in the 2 games that involved both teams playing good hockey, and they lasted about 5 minutes combined. Neither team looked very good for more than 30 minutes total in the 2 games. The Kings looked good in the first half of game 1 and the ducks looked good in the first half of game 2.

the two games to open the season in California between the two teams were MUCH better and much more intense. and the kings were a much shittier team a year ago.

there was very little hitting, george parros can't fight, though his pornostache is awesome, scott thornton sucks, and the games were boring. doesn't help that the announcers were fucking morons in the game on versus.

Iceburglar said...

Might I add that the NHL season opened with players being sent back to the dressing room after the national anthems because they couldn't get the lights back on.