Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sean Avery is injured.

So what did you think he'd be doing?

Duh- he's talking to the New York Times.



Anonymous said...

I had no idea Avery was so metrosexual. Wonder if the nameless beautiful woman by his bed every night does peddies and mannies.

Wade Garrett said...

I bet the nameless beautiful woman by his bed every night is a nude painting, or something lame like that. Its exactly the sort of coy answer I would expect Avery to give, and I don't believe that he can go out and find a beautiful woman on a regular basis, no matter how much of the Christian Doir winter collection he buys.

Having said that, that article makes him sound like a much more interesting person than I expected him to be.

vh2k6 said...

i wouldn't question his ability to get women after he somehow managed to be engaged to elisha cuthbert.

Wade Garrett said...

That's certainly true. In a perfect world, the proposal would just be a sham, thought up by his agent to hide the fact that he's secretly attracted to transvestite prostitutes or something like that. Unfortunately, it seems as if they two of them actually love each other.