Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I guess Americans always sucked at broadcasting hockey on a national level.

Check out the pronunciation of Rocket Richard's name in this American newsreel footage from the 1951 Stanley Cup Final between the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs.

And Richard scores!

Richard who?

Richard Lewis?

Of course the broadcasters on TSN tonight weren't much better, as they repeatedly accused Florida coach Jacques Martin of "stealing" a game from the Canadiens tonight. Hey guys! It's hard to win a game when you only score one goal.
If anybody stole that one it was Thomas Vokoun, who also leads the league in looking like Tim Wakefield.


vh2k6 said...

glad i wasn't the only one who thought the tsn guys sounded like morons at one point. i loved it when at one point, one of the idiots said "no one, well no one sane anyways, should predict the panthers to make the playoffs." yeah i mean how will they ever beat worldbeaters like tampa bay or atlanta or washington. they're screwed!

they stopped just short of calling olli jokinen fat and ugly.

Ben said...

Jokinen's not fat.