Sunday, March 18, 2007


Charles Star, my buddy who likes college hockey, particularly Cornell, just hipped me to this, the game winning goal from the WCHA's final five tournament, and it's a dandy, not only for the shot, but for the rinkwide bank shot of a pass.

I saw Gretzky score a goal on a dump in like that back when he was with the Oilers, and if you have a forward with some wheels, you can really catch the opposition with their pants down on a play like this.

Anyway, check it out, it's cool:

I mean, holy cow.

Oh, and just for fun , here's Neal Broten's goal that many were comparing it to:

As I well know, Charles hates the the University of Minnesota, but he was kind enough to pass the link along because (and I didn't know this part) he also hates North Dakota. I'll tell you, whatever college hockey lacks in speed and skill, it more than makes up for in hate.

Hockey needs hatred, and that was just what I needed to see, after wasting my Saturday night watching the Rangers set up a pup tent in the Bruins' crease, and just hammer in pucks all night long.

The story of the pre-game was Aaron Ward, who was apparently traded from the Rangers to the Bruins after an argument with Jaromir Jagr where Ward questioned Jagr's leadership. While Jagr is unquestionable a crappy leader, Aaron Ward isn't coming off much better.

According to today's Boston Globe, ""Zdeno Chara and Aaron Ward, Boston's top defensive pairing, were on the ice for four of New York's seven goals. Chara threw one hit and has yet to fight this season."

Jagr is definately a Prima Donna, kind of soft, and a crappy captain. Chara has also yet to prove that he can motivate his teammates and is probably only the captain because Patrice Bergeron was too young at the beginning of the season, but what the fuck, Aaron Ward?

You're playing your old team that you left after leveling an accusation of crappy leadership. So how about stepping up to the plate? Jagr had three assists last night on the power play- what did you do?

Still, if you start pointing fingers at guys on the Bruins last night, not many people are going to come off well.

This was bad, but not the end yet. Right now, the Bruins must beat Montreal twice, in regulation. Then they face the Rangers again, and must rise to the challenge.

This is what the Bruins must do if they are to maintain any chance of making the playoffs finishing ahead of Florida.

Just keeping the expectations realistic here.

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