Saturday, March 31, 2007

Watching Hockey Night in Canada

And Jesus, is it fun.

It's the Flames and Canucks, and the beautiful thing for an East Coast hockey fan whose watching these teams play is that it's a showcase of players you've always heard about and don't get to see much, along with guys who you loved at one point but you haven't seen in ages.

Kristen Huselius, Tony Amonte, Brad Stuart, Daymond Lankow, Sami Salo, Alex Tanguay, Roman Hamirlik, Brian Smolinski, it's like a who's who of "What the hell happened to that guy I liked?"

Fuck, you even get to see Rory Fitzpatrick, which will be fun till the day he retires.

As it stands, Calgary is leading 3-0 in an unfriendly building, and they look very, very good.

With all the emphasis on speed and rolling lines these days, it's fun to watch Calgary (who is also plenty fast), and their shotblocking and tough forechecking style that doesn't look too different from the one that got them to the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals back in the last gasps of the "old NHL." I'm surprised to see that the teams are tied in shots, when in real time, it seems like Calgary would be beating them soundly in that department.

That Kipersoff makes it look easy, don't he?


will said...

welcome to the glory of center ice. personally, i never thought i'd have the stamina to sit through two consecutive hockey games on television, but low-and-behold, those western teams really put on a show. it's a beautiful thing.

The Forechecker said...

Just remember not to miss "Coach's Corner" during the 1st intermission. I still can't believe Bettman hasn't figured out how to get Don Cherry on American TV...