Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm in Boston- buy me a beer?

Well, as it happens, the lady had to travel to Boston this week for work, and as my most recent freelance assignment over at Court TV just ended, I decided to tag along and catch up on my drinking during the daytime.

Unsurprisingly, I found myself in a sports bar outside the Garden, and walked over to the Bruins pro shop, hoping for some kind of "Christ, I know it's embarassing to wear this stuff, but look how cheap it is!" sale.

Sure, the Bruins collapsed in epic fashion this month, (notwithstanding last night's nice win against Ottawa) but that doesn't mean that I'll look askance at an opportunity to snag a new spoked B hat for 50 percent off. As it turned out, the sales were on, but there wasn't much I wanted in there, although I admired the balls they had in asking 5 bucks for a shitty sticker of that awful old mustard bear.

But the Bruins are hosting the Penguins tomorrow, and I thought I'd see how much tickets were, and sure enough I scored some 10 dollar tickets up in the nosebleeds. Once I get in, I'm guessing I'll pretty much be able to pick my seat.

I've never seen Sidney Crosby skate, I'm interested in seeing Bruin prospects Mark Stuart and Peter Kalus stretch their legs a bit, and let's be honest, when NHL hockey costs less than a matinee of Wild Hogs, you gotta take notice.

I know we have unsuccessfully attempted the American Hockey Fan "Buy me a Beer" challenge before, but I think it's time for one more crack at it. In the past, Both Jen and I have given out our seat numbers in the hope that someone would stop by with a beer in exchange for a personal shoutout on the site.

However, as I may be moving around once I get to the game, here's a step by step guide to how you will be able to find me to purchase me a beer:

1) Enter the upper deck of the TD Banknorth Garden
2) Find a male in his 30's who isn't wearing Penguins gear
3) It'll probably be me.

A Molson would be ideal, but whatever they have is fine.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I will keep an eye out for you...if it is anything like the Pens-B's game in January not all of us Penguins fans were sporting Penguins' gear, but after the fourth or fifth goal by the Penguins I should be able to identify you by your lack of cheering.

will said...

be more specific, i'll be in the bleeders, too. lafontaine jersey. just becuase i can.

Alec said...