Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Here's a blast from the past-

Hannu Toivonen and Peter Budaj facing off in a goalie fight back in their AHL days.


Back in Budaj's AHL days.

Winner gets to not only start for the big club, but ruin the others playoff hopes.

It's basically a six team scrum as the Rangers, Islanders, Hurricanes, Bruins, Canadiens and Leafs fight for the 7th and 8th playoff spots. Still, all season, every single one of those teams have combined to hand the Sabres a whopping 6 losses.

I'm really sure one of them can do it four times, by themselves in two weeks.

I'm depressed.

That first Colorado goal tonight shoulda been reviewed.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda...


WD to Evers to Chance said...

Great video clip Ritch! Everyone loves a good goalie fight. My favorite part has to be that it looks like neither bench knew it was coming. The spontaneous, surprise goalie fight at the end of a period. Classic. Although one question: if it's between periods, do they still fighting majors or some other sort of penalties? Or none at all. Regardless, I am hoping your Bruins pull through and make the playoffs, though mainly because it could prompt some truly amazing posts from Jen during the first round of the playoffs...

Political.Asylum said...

The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum reminds you that Barbaro died for your sins.