Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just signed up for the hockey package.

You heard me.

After my nearly-season long plight on RCN cable, which doesn't offer the package, the Hockey Gods intervened and broke our old television. Soon, we were proud owners of an HDTV, and the combination of my near-constant whining about the hockey package and the fact that RCN cable has rotten pay per-view service all added up to a hello to Time Warner Cable, and a goodbye to productivity.

Of course, there is a certain amount of suckiness to the fact that the instant that I get the hockey package the Bruins irrevocably slide into oblivion.

Ahh well.

If they had to break me, like they seem to every year, this year they had the common decency to do it execution-style. They needed four wins against the Rangers and Habs, and instead decided to well, not score any goals in the first two games.

Still, I was cheered up by this Youtube from my pal Jack, depicting Buffalo Sabre (and future "have another donut" Devils coach Jim Schonfeld in a memorable collision with the Bruins Wayne Cashman.

Enjoy- I'll be busy watching every every single hockey game that's on tonight.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

As a fellow Bruins fan, I can relate to the letdown felt every year as I am forced to confront the fact that the Bruins, unable to escape their own mediocrity, will not be making the playoffs. But like the Red Sox, there is always next year, and the newly founded hope that as bad as it gets, if they do happen to make the playoffs, anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new tv, and thanks for the old time video. No suggestions for tonight, but next week Wild & Flames play twice. Those are good.

Buffalo66 said...

Nothing symbolizes Buffalo's frustrations with Bruin dominance more during the seventies and eighties timeframe more than that clip. Nice find.

will said...

i just did the exact same thing you did one week ago. well, except for the hdtv...i swiched from craptacular RCN to something better - digital comcast, which allowed me to subscribe to center ice, yadda yadda yadda...i now watch a solid 5 hours of hockey every night. it's sick.

hope you were able to watch the 'couver/preds tilt. i agree with the flames/wild games next week. the home and home buffalo/maple laffs this weekend will be a doozy. or a slaughter. depends on which toronto squad hits the ice. either way, you'll get don cherry after the first intermission on saturday, since center ice is carrying the cbc broadcast.

too much info?

Ritch said...

No, that's perfect actually.

I did see Forsberg in a Predators sweater last night, and seeing him out on the power play with Kariya and Arnott reminded me about that shoulda-been-mighty but wasn't Colorado PP with Selanne et all a few years back.

I knew about Don Cherry, so that's great, and it was fun to hear Jeanerete (the sabres guy, that's his name right?

Any other good announcers/local broadcasts out there?

Alec said...

as for good announcers-

since you have the package now you probably don't give a shit... but the Minnesota Radio guy is awesome. Check out the Minnesota tv guys- I hope they are good too.

Thats a fun team to watch- They are my Cinderella team this year- they could knock off a few heavyweights if not go to the cup finals-

Alec said...

Does anyone else have problems reading the word verification? It takes me longer to figure out what alphabet they are using than it does to write a post-

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alec, word verification is way tougher than it needs to be. But it's fun to try to get them right.Go MN.
(hehe I have to try again, my first attempt to post failed)

joe said...

i love the announcer and the matter of fact "i've never seen this before"