Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Worst Hockey Items Available on eBay: Volume One.

A postcard featuring a caricature of Ray Bourque playing golf.

Yep, this is for sale. Don't get me wrong, I loved Ray Bourque, but really? A postcard of a CARICATURE of Ray Bourque? Playing golf? Not a photo, not playing hockey, not even WEARING A HOCKEY UNIFORM?

Yeah- I'd like to place a bid- on the huge balls you must obviously possess to ask someone for money for that. I mean Jesus, Christ. The seller goes on to say that it is available in "MINT CONDITION!"

Really? I suppose that is pretty rare seeing as anyone who owned one of these would certainly have creased it's pristine edges by throwing it directly into the trash. The opening bid for this piece of shit is 77 cents, by the way. Get it?! What that means is, even if the Bruins hadn't retired Phil Esposito's number this goddamn thing would still cost 7 cents too much.

Speaking of which, look at this awful fucking thing:

That's right, it's "Vintage" Phil Esposito skate straps, or as they are better known, "6 inches of trim from a 30 year old carpet sample."

All yours for a mere 18 dollars.

Oh, and Jen's at the Devils/Penguins game tonight at the Meadowlands, her first since becoming an official AHF.

If you're going to the game, buy her a beer, willya?

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Brushback said...

Man, sifting through all the junk that's on e-Bay should be a never-ending source of hilarity. Keep it up!