Thursday, June 28, 2007

A perfect fit for Pittsburgh

Angelo Esposito was selected with the #20 pick by the Pittsburgh Penguins last week, and they are thrilled to get a player once ranked as high as number eight.

According to the AP:

The Canadiens and 18 other teams apparently felt Esposito was a little too self centered, didn't progress as much as anticipated and didn't always play with passion last season.

If that's not a picture perfect model of what it is to be a Pittsburgh Penguin, then I don't know what is. Historically, the Penguins are well known to be spoiled whiners who consider their dynamic offensive skills a gift to the rest of league, are indifferent to playing defense, have no problem taking a dive and are the first in the league to complain to the officials when somebody dares make contact with them.

See also: Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Alexei Kovalev, Sergei Gonchar and yes, Sidney Crosby

Related: Marc Andres Fleury's goalie pads suck. They look like those shitty "Circus Peanuts" candy.

And apologies to Jordan Staal, who I would love to see in any other uniform in the league.


Anonymous said...

yikes...i see you are still bitter about the '91 and '92 Eastern Conference Finals...but i guess that is better than giving up on the Bruins altogether like 95% of the Boston sports fans.

Ritch said...


That is an entirely accurate comment.

Incidentally, if I knew where Ulf Sammullson lived, and had could get away with it without being arrested, I would break into his house and piss in his sock drawer.

I'm not saying they weren't a very good team, but they did use a no talent goon to run superstars.

Sock drawer.

I'd do it.

Anonymous said...

my guess is that he spends winters in Phoenix if he is still coaching there.


Corruption in Seattle Youth Hockey. Anyone considering a relo to Seattle should reconisder if your kids play hockey. SKAHA is currently under investigation by USA Hockey. Spread the word!

Pengwins said...

Wo wo... how did we go from Penguins to talking about Seattle youth hockey. Let's stay on topic people.

Damn, that is one nice photo of Fleury. I say those yellow pads stay, especially when it seems the NHL is moving towards a very homogenous boring look. ( ie, the Anaheim Ducks, slanted city name on a black jersey... mighty boring) Also, I think yellow "Peeps" would be a better comparison for the leg pads. Back to the confectionary table AHF.

Anonymous said...

Ulf Samuelsson's address via

19175 N 95 Pl
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

2 phone numbers listed:

sock drawer.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate the Pens cause your team sucks! You wish you had the talent we do. This team is good for 3 cups in the next 7 years, you heard it here first!

Ritch said...

Wait- I "heard it here first?"

That this crew of Pittsburgh Penguins might go on to win some cups?

Yeah- that's right, dickhead, you're the first person to project some future success for Crosby, Malkin, Staal and Fleury.


And I don't hate the Pens because my team sucks, I hate the Pens because they encourage and nurture a style of hockey that is, in a word, dishonorable.

If I'm guilty of anything, it's being bitter about the early 90's, which I have every right to be.

If someone did to Mario Lemieux what Ulf did to Cam Neely, you'd feel exactly the same way.

I guess what I'm saying is that Ulf Sammullson is the Hodgkins disease of hockey.

Anonymous said...

your right they do scuck balls they just cant just be yellow with a sliver stripe.