Sunday, July 01, 2007

I think it is now safe to say

that American Hockey Fan's official position on the Rangers is as follows:

Fuck the fucking Rangers.

That is all.


vh2k6 said...

as a fan of a team that really needed a guy like chris drury or scott gomez (who doesn't?) i totally agree.

fuck the rags.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

Bad Day at Chez Lou?

You'll miss Rafalski much more than you'll miss Gomez.

Maybe Malakhov will come out of retirement.

Ben said...

You'll miss Rafalski much more than you'll miss Gomez.

Spoken, as usual, like someone with no knowledge whatsoever of the Devils. We've got quality defensemen to spare, but there's no replacing a guy like Gomez.

Here's hoping he follows in the proud tradition of former Devils signing with the Rangers, then coasting through their multimillion dollar contracts. Loading up on superstars has proved to be a winning strategy for New York in the past, right?

Eric said...

Yep, yer right. I make no bones about my ignorance when it comes to the Devs, as I don't drink the Kool Aid. I do know this--Ritchie will have no problems getting walk-up seats to see the Bruins when they come to Newark.

Jack said...

The Rangers will implode next year when Gomez and Drury point out how idiotic that Sweet Caroline stuff is and Jagr throws a temper tantrum. Mark my words.