Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Stanley Cup has entered the building.

Well, here we go.

It's on.

While the Stanley Cup final is always something special, it's better when the cup is in the building.

Plus, Chris Pronger is back from his second suspension of the playoffs, and the way he's been going lately, we might seem him throw Gary Bettman a devastating elbow to the head on the way to the trophy table.

Oh, and for those who missed Don Cherry on NBC, here's the clip:

God damn, what a breath of fresh air. I found it a little irritating the way Hull and Clement alternately baited and sucked up to Cherry, but despite all that, he still got the job done.

Here's some old school Rock em'-Sock em.

I've always felt that the NHL needed more gunfire sound effects. You think Grapes has changed his mind about Yashin? cause the Islanders certainly have.

Please NBC, bring back Don Cherry.

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