Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two great hates that hate great together.

How fantastic would this be?

Are you kidding me?

Yashin on the Montreal Canadiens? What could possibly be more fun to boo than that? And they want him playing on a line with Kovalev? From a hating perspective that seems almost too good to be true.

OK, if there is even a chance of this deal happening, I'm gonna need to start writing heckles NOW. It takes some time to learn to yell "you suck" in both French AND Russian is what I'm saying.

I need to be ready for the season.

You know how there's no "I" in "Team?" Well, there's also no "D" in "Kovalev" or "Yashin."

Boyoboy, Yashin's gonna look just great in one of these.

I can't wait.


vh2k6 said...

Samsonov-Yashin-Kovalev would be the biggest underachiever line in the history of the game.

Mike Thompson said...

Do to the woeful +/- generated, that line combo could result in NHL statisticians putting a negative sign in front of the time on ice, just so that all the math wouldn't come out as functions of infinity or something...

Ben said...


Sadly, Samsonov just went to Chicago...the dream is dead.