Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ray Liotta and Snoop Dogg must be elated!

Some thoughts:

-Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks and their fans. Now can we get the cup somewhere cold already? After Southern California, North Carolina and Tampa Bay Florida, Stanley doesn't just "have a tan," it has a fucking melanoma.

-Gary Bettman needs to let go of the cup. How hard a job is that? Pick up cup, call captain's name, don't stumble over your words, and hand it off. What a repulsive troll. I hope when he gets into his car tonight, he sits on his own nuts.

-The wrong Niedermeyer won the MVP. OK, maybe not just Rob Neidermeyer, but that whole checking line. Moen, Pahlsson and Robby played so great this series. You could make a good argument for Alfredsson too- that shot that rang off Scott Neidermeyer's legs may have killed his chances.

-Dang, Lauren Pronger is kinda hot. She's Canada's Yoko Ono, by the way.

-Interesting that Gilette was a main sponsor of an event starring 60 guys who haven't shaved in three months.

-Good on ESPNews for broadcasting the postgame. I was actually afraid that no one would cover it.

-Antoinne Vermette should buy Chris Phillips a Rolex. To blow a penalty shot like that, not even getting a shot off, and then not be the guy wearing the goat's horns? Wow.

-Why the hell do they wait until the third period to bring the cup into the building? What, did the cheerleader from Heroes have 9:30 cup licking scheduled?

-So, what should I write about this summer?


Hockiavelli said...

Great points! What about Alfredsson's "skate" goal though? The same one that they disallowed from Karel Rachunek in round 2? And thousands of other times during last season? Its Canadians looking out for Canadians, and an occasional European when it suits them. Dammit. Go Rangers!

Søren Schwartz said...

loved that Gilette joke, however there was some sanity, as they had to shave it off for the next day. What else could be used, it is the best a man can get