Monday, June 04, 2007

Hockey Night in America

Check out this great article on Don Cherry in today's LA Times.

According to the Globe and Mail, Hull and Cherry teamed up on the CBC for game three, "but the two high-profile commentators didn't produce much that was interesting or entertaining."

Thanks to this great find by Eric over at Off Wing Opinion, if the problem was lack of preparation, that might not have been Cherry's fault. I mean, not for nothing, but if Bill Clement is incredulous at how much you suck, you might really suck.

Oh well.

Go get 'em tonight, Grapes.

Second intermission.

I'm actually as excited about this as I am about the game.

Game three was a good one, and as I haven't yet seen the inevitable "NBC ratings disaster for NHL hockey" article, I'll assume it went well?

Tonight, the NHL has a crucial Stanley Cup final game on prime time network television with two great, fast teams that don't like each other much. They can lead with tape of great goals, amazing saves, Chris Pronger smashing Dean McCammond in the jaw, Chris Neil laying out Andy McDonald, and Don Cherry in the press box to explain with passion, humor and understanding how all this violence can fit into the greatest game on the planet earth.

If they can't sell that, I give up.

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