Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's not that hard to be a hockey writer.

I used to think it was.

Of course, that was before I read Alan Adam's bold prediction on Sportsnet Canada that despite re-signing Sundin, the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs might want to hold off on planning a Stanley Cup parade.


How can he say that?

I mean, they are the undisputed league leader in dudes named Yanic!

Fuck the Maple Leafs, their fans, players and management.

Enough already.

If you compare the support they get from the city, country and fanbase to the effort they put out on the ice it makes me wonder why there aren't 5 NHL hockey teams in that city. I mean, when the Bruins and Blackhawks suck, at least the hockey fans there aren't stupid enough to keep handing them sellout after sellout.

There's a lot of talk about moving franchises, I have a better idea: how about trading entire teams for each other? It's pretty clear they could put a bunch of milkmaids on the ice in Toronto and it'd still sell out, so I say the current Toronto Maple Leafs roster should be traded for the Nashville Predators. Straight up. The Predators are pretty good, hockey fans in Toronto are starved for some actual hockey, and the way new Nashville owner Jim Balsille plans to run things down there to make his escape clause take effect, that building is gonna have less people in it than a matinee screening of Georgia Rule.If any squad ever deserved to play in an empty building it's those goddamn Maple Leafs.

Spoiled bastards.

See what it looks like in the stands in Nashville when you "almost make the playoffs" after not skating against beatable opponents a week prior. See how many hockey articles get written in the Nashville City Paper sports section about how solid your blue line is then?


Ultimately, I don't care that much, but doesn't it kind of suck that the hockey hall of fame is in Toronto, and it's practically impossible to take a road trip up to the hall and get a ticket to watch NHL hockey on the same trip?

I mean, shouldn't that be an option, especially if the team isn't a contender?

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