Monday, May 01, 2006

First things first.

OK- we've had a few more eliminations yesterday, (Nashville and Dallas) and if I had the chops and the resources, I'd put together a video of the best daggers in the heart from the first round set to the 80's metal classic "Elimination" by Overkill.

Maybe I'll still do that, or at least figure out if my buddy Duben can.

Jesus, that would be sweet.

Why in God's name will no one give me a job in hockey?

I mean, apart from the facts that:

- I've never applied for a job in hockey

- I do not have the slightest inkling as to where I might go to do so

- There aren't any jobs in hockey today that call for my particular skills, namely bringing up interesting, humorous and undeniable facts, like- for example, that Michal Handzus looks like the Bass player from Europe on Human Growth Hormone.

I'm not saying that people wouldn't pay for that, I'm just saying I'm not sure what the proper venue would be for them to enjoy that information.

Come to think of it, maybe you're reading it right now.


But, as the subject of this post indicates, first things first, and I just went off and forgot the most important thing to remember today, and YES- THIS IS IMPORTANT.

If The Oilers eliminate the Detroit Red Wings tonight, and Steve Yzerman does not play, it will mean that the longest serving captain in NHL history, (and a Red Wing his entire career) will have already played his last National Hockey League game, and left without a bit of fanfare, which would be a damn shame.

He was out the past two games with a back injury, and as of this posting, it isn't clear if he will play tonight or not. For a more comprehensive look at what he has done, check him out on Wikipedia or for a less statistical, more emotional look- just watch this- arguably the second greatest goal in National Hockey League history:

So if Stevie Y isn't playing tonight, you should be rooting on the Wings tonight, even if you're a die-hard Oiler fan. If he is playing, watch him. It could be your last chance.

I may not be rooting for the Wings to win another cup, but goddamn if Stevie Y doesn't deserve his curtain call.

Thanks a lot, Steve.

We'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

Not just a great goal by Stevie Y- but a great celebration! Pure childhood joy and excitement. That's what Mike Foligno was going for after every goal he scored but he just ended up looking like a retarded kid in a bike helmet... which he was

wj said...

What about being an announcer? Or you could provide streaming commentary during the games on a subscription basis? Or what about selling peanuts and popcorn? Do people eat peanuts and popcorn at hockey games? Maybe they eat rocks. Rocks are tough.