Sunday, May 07, 2006

The game ones are almost over,

and we have quite a set of goaltending duels on our hands.

And sure, we could crap all over Marty Brodeur on his birthday, but let's remember, the 6 goals he allowed would still have been enough to take either Buffalo or Ottawa to overtime in their game one. And yes, I know- Cam Ward got a shutout, which makes the mean goals-against-average of Ward, Brodeur, Emery and Miller a flabbergastingly shitty 4.75.

So, sure, Marty didn't have his best game, but the Devils had a 15 game winning streak going when they were forced to take a week off becuase of the sweep. Plus, C'mon, everybody else was letting in 6 goals in their game one. This might be the only 6 goal deficit in NHL history that can be chalked up to peer pressure.

I watched the sports double-header of Devils-Canes game and the Kentucky Derby on NBC Sports yesterday in an afternoon of sports they were calling NBC's "Wide World of White People."

More importantly, I'll be playing some hockey today, as my Mighty Squirrels take on Henry Motion at Corlears park in Manhattan. It's a beautiful day for some hockey.
My predicition?

Squirrels by 6

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