Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lazy Sunday.

Well, I've made a change on the sidebar there.

Yeah, you see the one- it's over there on the right.

Right about....

Here: -------------------------------------------------------------------->

It used to be that if you clicked "The Truth" you would be linked to the CBC hockey page, and "The Beauty" would send you to Don Cherry's Coaches Corner video page. While Grapes is still entertaining as all hell, I've found that the CBC's webpage isn't the most user-friendly way to get hockey stats and info. They still are the best game in town for a live broadcast, but for one-stop hockey stats, opinion, and player profiles, I've found the info on much better, so I've officially replaced them as "The Truth."

For a quick example, check out the differences between the respective site's player profiles; we'll use American Hockey Fan's inspirational player of the 2006 playoffs Glen Wesley as an example.

Here's his profile page from the CBC .

Now here's his profile page from Sportsnet .

You'll see that there is a lot of the same information, and both of them are MUCH better than your typical American internet sports site , but the Sportsline one is a little better organized, easier to look at, and has plenty of sidebar material and items of interest to the fan.

I'm also gonna poke around Blogger today to see if I can figure out how to add categories to the sidebar, so you can access archived posts about your favorite players, teams or hosts of Meet the Press at the click of a mouse.

We'll see how it goes.

As always, if you guys have favorite sites, blogs or hockey columnists, let me know, I'll link 'em up.

I mean, it's best if they are about hockey, but stuff like this is always welcome too.

Aim for the head.

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sven patrick larsen said...

Hey Ritch,

You should link to Greg Millen's blog,, if only to see the extent of one man's obsession with Dion Phaneuf! Who new Phaneufian was a word?