Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Exciting New Format

American Golf Fan

Well, it's official. All the favored teams of the staff here at American Hockey Fan are now out of the running for the Stanley Cup. Most recently the Bruins, the Devils before them, and the Sabres who, not unlike Jack and Jen themselves, disappeared long ago. Even our surrogate favorite team the Washington Capitals have called it a year after a valiant 7-game effort against the Flyers.

Dammit, there's just no one left to root for.

So, after some soul searching (and some head-scratching) we've decided to unveil the exciting new format you see in the header above. So keep us bookmarked, America - don't forget to check in for our thoughts on the Players Championship, the U.S. Open, and the John Deere Classic, as well as Ritch's special series on whether this Tiger Woods kid is the real deal.

That's right, it's American Golf Fan all summer long...or at least until we break down and tune back in to the playoffs. Or, failing that, September, when we start our annual complaining about whether or not pre-season hockey is worth watching.

American Golf Fan - get into the swing!


tapeleg said...

Here, I've made it easy for you to jump ship. And it's a Western Conference team, so you shouldn't feel too dirty.

Avs Temp Fan Guide

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why not call the site "I am gonna take my puck and go home, Hockey Fan" or "Fair Weather Hockey Fan" or "Americant Hockey Fan". Now get big in the game, before I send you to the minors!