Saturday, April 19, 2008

You know, while the NHL is in the business of making up unsportsmanslike conduct penalties-

-How about one for Marty Brodeur?

Sure, Avery was a huge pain in the ass, and caught the attention of the league for his antics in this series, but you know what?

They worked.

And I hate to say it, but I think Marty Brodeur should be fined, penalized or generally shamed in some way for refusing to shake Avery's hand.

The handshake line at the end of a playoff series is one of the NHL's greatest traditions, and it shows a lack of class on Brodeur's part. You don't have to like it, but you have to do it.

That said, I'm two for three so far on my series predictions, with the Rangers and Penguins both advancing.I'm still waiting on the Bruins. That being said, I'm a little bummed out by the fact that the Devils are done, especially seeing as playoff tickets at MSG are harder to come by than stubs for the Rock.

Good night of hockey tonight, with a fun night at the Ziegfeld Theater to watch the Rangers clinch, and wrapped up just now watching the Ducks stay alive with a dominating 3rd period.

Oh, and Kudos to Time Warner cable for finally adding Versus/Golf in HD!

Now I can finally see the startling horror that is Brian Engblom's hair in crystal clear high definition. Seriously, that dude looks like the rape-baby of Luke Skywalker and the crow from the Secret of NIMH.

OK- I'm a little tired.

If you have a better "that dude's hair looks like" joke, I'm all ears.

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