Friday, April 18, 2008

The Great Ziegfeld!

Hey, hockey fans-

Wanna go to a movie?

No, I'm not talking about the Academy Award winning Best Picture of 1936, I'm talking about watching a playoff hockey game at Manhattan's famous Ziegfeld Theater, arguably the best place to watch a movie on the planet. The Ziegfeld is the place you want to go for the debut of any big budget, big screen blockbuster, for the best sound and biggest picture in the world. It seats just under 1200 people, and until recently was showing that Scorcese /Rolling Stones documentary, "Shine a Light,"which I haven't seen, mainly because I'm a little bit over the recent fad of Zombie flicks.

The New York Rangers and the MSG network have taken over the Ziegfeld for game five of their first round matchup with the Devils,
and if they prevail, I'll be watching the most jaw dropping thing I've seen on that huge screen since I first saw Trinity whipping ass at the opening of the first Matrix movie.

That's right, Sean Avery shaking hands with Marty Brodeur.

But even though the Rangers have the edge right now, I like the Devils chances tonight. I stand by my predicition that the Rangers will win this series, but my gut tells me it's not the Rangers night.

We'll see.

I wrote about this event last year, but heard about it late, and wasn't able to go. As I write this, the Rangers organization tells me that over 1000 people have already bought tickets (yours truly included) and they are expecting a sellout. I just went to the website, and it appears tickets are still available, there will be free popcorn and soda and they will be selling beer.


I make that clear, simply because playoff hockey without beer is like fresh Maine lobster without butter: Still awesome, but somehow lacking.

Also, Adam Graves and Ron Duguay will be on hand, giving out prizes and greeting fans. This will be good for me, since I seem to be the only hockey fan in the Tri-State area who hasn't yet met Adam Graves, and as for Duguay, well- I'm pretty curious to see how old number 10 looks in his Sassoon's these days:

The troubling thing is that each and every one of the men in that ad could easily kick my ass.

Oo la la, indeed.

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