Thursday, April 17, 2008

New York Post Hockey Columnist Larry Brooks: Genius or Thief?!!

Anybody whose anybody knows that the New York Post's Larry Brooks is pretty much one of the finest hockey journalists in the tri-state area, if not the nation.

Along with the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont, he is one of the grand old men of hockey writers, and if he isn't in the hall of fame already, he should be.

He's great.

So I was shocked, SHOCKED to read the beginning of his most recent column which featured the following passage:

April 16, 2008 - LISTEN, I didn't particularly like it, either, for after Sean Avery went Reggie Dunlop in the crease against Martin Brodeur on Sunday night ("Hey Hanrahan...") I was waiting for Brendan Shanahan to ease into the Ned Braden role and do a striptease while taking a lap around the Garden ice.

Anybody note the date on that?

April 16th?

Now perchance, did anybody peruse on April 15th?

Now you tell me- is Larry Brooks a genius, or a thief?!

Oh, and yes- if someone independently comes up with the same idea as I did, I am considering that as evidence of their genius. Either way, I'm getting sick and tired of the New York Hockey media ripping off American Hockey Fan.

Deb Kaufman still owes me a goddamn beer, by the way.


Sean said...

So unfair! It seems you are wronged a lot in life Ritchie, at least from reading your blog. May I suggest a Bill O'Reilly style 'Pinheads and Patriots' section. Pinheads being those who commit injustices in your direction (Deb, for instance) and patriots those that admit your superiority in the world (Grapes)?
ps Your blog is sweet and makes me like hockey.

The Dark Ranger said...

Hey're a genius. You've been plugged on The Dark Ranger!