Monday, July 03, 2006

OK- I jumped the gun there a little on that last one.

But you gotta admit, signing Chara is HUGE.

Figuratively and literally.

I saw him play the Rangers this year, and the guy is literally a monster. I mean, we're talking about a guy who can smash people like kindling, forecheck from the defensive zone, log 25 minutes a night and still find time to answer the door for the Addams family.

Seriously, I looked at his scouting report, and the only weaknesses were listed as follows:

1) Fire

2) A blinding, all consuming rage at his creator, who he perceived had brought him into this world alone.

The Rangers were able to beat him, as it turned out by getting together all of the Czech players on the team, forming an angry mob, and chasing him to an abandoned windmill which they then set on fire.

Marc Savard seems to be a coup as well, and I gotta say, with Donovan rounding out the checking line with Primeau and Axelsson, and the Bergeron-Boyes-Sturm unit still strong, it looks like the B's might be able to roll three lines again.

Still, there are three question marks with the Bruins.

1) Can Glen Murray start scoring again with Savard passing him the puck?
2) Who is playing left wing on that line? (ie: who will be the next Mike Knuble?)
3) Will new coach Dave Stewart's fiendish plan to re-animate freshly dead body parts of deceased prostitutes into a "Bride of Chara" be an effective motivating tool?

And here I thought there would be nothing to write about.

Still, before you get too excited B's fans, let's remember- everybody thought Pittsburgh was going to the cup last year.

Free agents do not equal chemistry.

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roddie said...

Dave Lewis, unless you mean the guy from Eurythmics.