Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few thoughts on the Miami Vice movie, which will come back around to hockey at the end

Hi all.

I just got back from watching the new Miami Vice remake, and- it's not bad, for a summer shoot-em up. I'll tell ya, that Michael Mann knows how to film a dude getting shot.

Still, though- Colin Farrell, man- that guy is the worst. Look at this picture of him from the film:

I mean, for God's sake.

I'd be enjoying the movie, digging on a bit of witty repartee and stylized violence from Tubbs and some blonde paramilitary cop chick, when all of a sudden, this blob of anti-charisma would lumber onscreen, and I'd think-"OK- so what exactly does that hot Asian chick see in this lead singer from a Ratt cover band?" Or, maybe, "Boy! That overweight used car dealer from Buffalo sure seems to have a fast speedboat!" I mean, he's sporting some bad hair and a bad mustache right there. And don't tell me it was set in the 80's, cause they were all over the high tech cell phones.

But honestly, if you're not making a comedy, should Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice really look like The Paul Rudd character from Anchorman? I guess what I'm saying is look at these pictures of people with similar hair as Colin Farrell, under which I have placed some actual dialogue delivered by Farrell in the movie, and you decide if this should have been a drama or a comedy.

"“I'’m a fiend for mojitos"

"Do you understand the meaning of the word 'foreboding', as in badness is happening right now? "

"Probability is like gravity. And you can't argue with gravity."

I told you it would come back around to hockey.

Cut me some slack, we're in late July over here.


Stormbringer said...


I've never gotten what other women see in Colin Farrell. He's always looked so-so to just a little too scuzzy for my tastes.

Despite his presence, I still wanna see the Miami Vice I said over at the Canucks Op-Ed...

I was quite apprehensive about the Miami Vice flick...until I found out Michael Mann did the directing.

Forget Don Johnston and Philip Michael Thomas, Michael Mann was THE reason Miami Vice rocked in its 80's heyday...and still rocks, depending upon the episode being shown.

Ever tried to watch a non-Michael Mann produced and/or directed episode of MV? All I will say about that is the Surgeon General should warn against doing such a thing. o_O

Anyway, I so gotta see the MV movie with Michael Mann at the helm.

Michael said...

Farrell's look actually reminds me of Scott Stapp only with a pornstache